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Pastor Mike Sproul preaches on a Sunday morning at Tri-City Baptist Church

Online Sermons

Below are listed sermons from the past two months. Our sermon archive is being constantly updated with sermons from the past 35+ years. To search through our archive, click on the "Sermon Archive" link below. To view the most recent additions to the archive, click on the "Recent Sermons" link below.

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April 2017
Date   Sermon Title Text Speaker
4/2/2017 am (Series) Disciple-Making Disciples Jn 13:1-5 Sproul, Dr. Mike
4/2/2017 pm (Series) A Study in 2 Corinthians
- Paul Teaches on the Effects of a Biblical Ministry (Part 1)
2 Cor 6:1-18 Sproul, Dr. Mike

March 2017
Date   Sermon Title Text Speaker
3/26/2017 am (Series) Disciple-Making Disciples Jn 12:20-28 Sproul, Dr. Mike
3/26/2017 pm (Series) A Study in 2 Corinthians
- Motivation for Ministry (Part 3)
2 Cor 5:11-21 Sproul, Dr. Mike
3/19/2017 am (Series) Disciple-Making Disciples Mt 18:1-5 Sproul, Dr. Mike
3/19/2017 pm (Series) A Study in 2 Corinthians
- Motivation for Ministry (Part 2)
2 Cor 5:1-10 Sproul, Dr. Mike
3/12/2017 am Thirsty for God Ps 63:1-5 Mestler, Pastor Nathan
3/12/2017 pm Seek First the Kingdom Mt 6:19-34 Binoka, Mr. George
3/5/2017 am Having the Same Frame of Mind Phil 3:12-16 Malone, Pastor Emmanuel
3/5/2017 pm What Romania Needs Mt 9:35 - 10:1 Burnett, Missionary Robin

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