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Evangelistic Meetings
February 5-10, 2017

Our annual Evangelistic Meetings were and continue to be a great blessing as Evangelist Will Galkin and his team spent a week with us, blessing our hearts with practical Biblical preaching and great music. His messages encouraged us to remember who we are in Christ, to continually grow closer to our Savior, and to find sufficiency in Him.

On Wednesday night we were blessed with an Irish Concert which was followed by a clear Gospel presentation. The Galkin Team also spent time in the Academy and College chapels. God worked in great ways, and over 10 people placed their faith and dependence in Christ alone! Then on Thursday we had a teen night with around 75 teens participating in the dodgeball tournament. On Friday night the Galkins joined our Re:Vive college group. They went to the ASU campus, where they split up into smaller groups and spent the evening talking to ASU students, conducting short surveys, and inviting them to Bible studies and continued conversations about the Bible. What a wonderful opportunity to reach out to these college students with the love of Christ!

Through the whole week we saw God working in lives, changing and encouraging us as we continue to live each day for Him and through Him.

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Photos courtesy of Katie Carlisle.