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Youth Winter Retreat - December 28-30, 2011

Snow and the prospect of time to focus on God motivated 13 teens and 4 sponsors to head north for the Winter Retreat. They enjoyed traditional winter activities such as sledding, snowball fights, and building a (5'8") snowman. They also spent time indoors playing games, doing a team-building puzzle, and talking about "Towing the Line in a World of Obscure Lines."

The young people brought up areas they struggle with and were challenged to Draw the Line (convictions) and Sign on the Line (commitment), knowing that there will be times when they will Straddle the Line (which brings conflict) or even Cross the Line (which brings consequences), but that coming back to when they Signed on the Line they can Tow the Line (consistency). The teens discussed the character qualities needed to help them be consistent and then put together their plan of action and Posted it on Line (the line strung across the living room in the cabin).

The teens have more events coming up, including a SNAC at the Larsens' on January 15 and an activity in the Youth Center on January 28. During the upcoming evangelistic meetings, the Galkin team will lead Cola Wars for the teens, and camp registration begins on March 4.

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