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Youth California Trip - October 13-14, 2011

We took 23 teens to California for a time of relaxation, fellowship and fun. Thursday was a travel day and the first major stop was at Huntington Beach. This was the first time for Pastor Landry as well as many other teens to see the Pacific Ocean. To our surprise the water was warm and the day was gorgeous. Some enjoyed playing football at the base of the shore, while others enjoyed building sand castles. A couple of people had the pleasure of seeing their feet turn into large bird-like feet. Friday was a day spent at Knott’s Berry Farm. Pastor Landry took one teen on the ride of his life for his first ever coaster experience! He even managed to take a recording of this experience by his phone. Both Thursday and Friday nights, the hotel allowed for us to use one of their conference rooms to play some games and have some good fellowship as a group. The leaders who joined Pastor Landry were his wife Trena, Pastor Jason and his wife Michelle, Gerald Penny, Meagan Maves, Elizabeth Owens as well as Barb Tjepkema.

In the coming months, the youth group has some exciting activities planned. They will be going Christmas caroling on December 14 and having the annual Winter Retreat December 28–30.

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