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IBM Missions Conference - September 25-28, 2011

The thirteenth annual missions conference of International Baptist Missions (IBM) was the first under the new general director, Pastor Larry Ball. This conference allows Tri-City Baptist Church members and International Baptist College students to meet and hear missionaries they support, giving them a greater understanding and burden for the work of the missionaries.

IBM board member, Dr. Bob Jones III, was the keynote speaker in each main service this year. He served as president of Bob Jones University for thirty-four years before stepping down in 2005. Each night a different missionary also presented his work to the congregation. Mike Petersen gave a presentation about his work in Poland on Sunday night. On Monday night, Nathan Mestler spoke about his serving as a chaplain in the Air Force at a base in Tucson. Steve Reynolds talked about working in Singapore on Tuesday night. On the last evening of the conference, Mike Mestler presented his work in Kenya.

A highlight of the conference was a video about a Tri-City Baptist Church summer missions trip to the Philippines. After hearing missionary Mike Redick speak during last year’s conference about the great opportunities in the Philippines, Pastor Larry Ball took a group there from Tri-City this year to help with a summer evangelism campaign. Although the Tri-City team was only able to participate for part of the time, thousands professed faith in Christ during the six week Student Movement for Christ International campaign. God also burdened the hearts of several team members to dedicate their lives to overseas missions work.

Missions conference is a great time of fellowship, and it is important to get to know our missionaries. However, it is also important to keep them in prayer throughout the year. Visit IBM's webpage to learn more about IBM and our missionaries around the world.

Pastor Ball plans to take another team to the Philippines next summer. If you are interested in going, attend the preliminary meeting on Sunday, October 9, after the evening service. See Pastor Ball for details.

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