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Founder's Day - August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011 marked the forty-second anniversary of the founding of Tri-City Baptist Church. The late Jim Singleton came to Tempe in 1969 to found a church in the West. Founderís Day is the annual remembrance celebration of his leadership and vision. It is also a day to honor and thank some staff members and volunteers.

This year four members were honored. Mike Good has spent five years helping with cleaning so that the interior of the church is in excellent condition. Steve Edwards has been the maintenance director for five years, keeping up the ministriesí equipment and buildings. For the past ten years, Jess Chamberlain has worked diligently on equipment and spent a lot of time on the new campus buildings and landscaping. Lastly, Mary Singleton, our Founderís wife, was honored for her years of sacrifice and example to our church. Each honoree was given a gift card, and Mrs. Singleton and the wives of the three men each received a bouquet of flowers.

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