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Summer Camp - June 19, 2011

Tri-City Baptist Church juniors, junior high students, and teens spent a week at Ironwood Christian Camp in California where they were away from all the distractions of life and able to focus on God all week.

The campers were split into teams and competed throughout the week in games. During free time there were many things to do, including archery, crafts, swimming, and fishing.

The most important part of summer camp is the messages that the kids hear. The speakers were Keven Brownfield for the teens and Kristopher Schaal for the juniors. Many campers made a wide variety of decisions, including having more consistent devotions, letting go of bitterness, and putting God first.

Summer camp is an instrumental time in the lives of young people. Decisions are made there that can affect a camper’s entire life. Remember to keep the campers in your prayers as they work to keep the decisions they made.

Teen Camp Photos

Junior High Camp Photos

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