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Awana Awards Night - May 15, 2011

On Sunday nights from the end of August until mid-May, Tri-City Baptist Church conducts Awana clubs for children and teens from K4 - 8th grade. At the end of the year, Awana Awards Night is held during an evening church service to recognize the clubbers’ hard work such as learning verses, doing bookwork, and inviting friends.

Each of the four clubs—Cubbies, Sparks, Truth and Training (TNT), and Trek—gives awards. The awards are cumulative, based on the number of books a clubber completes in his or her time in Awana. The Clubber of the Year award is also given to the one who best demonstrates exceptional cooperation, good sportsmanship, faithful attendance, and has done his or her best consistently all year.

The focus of Awana is not on the awards; it is on learning the verses and other important truths from the Bible. However, the awards are a good incentive for the clubbers and are fitting recognitions of what they have accomplished.

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