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Youth Sunday Fundraiser Lunch - April 10, 2011

Each year the youth group of Tri-City Baptist hosts a fundraiser lunch to raise money to help pay for summer camp. Camp is a great opportunity for the teens--they spend a week away from many of the things that distract them and focus on God. Many decisions are made at summer camp that will affect a young person's life for eternity. The fundraiser lunch is one of the highest earning activities the teens hold.

The lunch was served in the gym and was well supported by church members and attendees. Teens and youth workers served an Italian meal consisting of spaghetti, salad, a roll, and a brownie. Church members contributed desserts that were auctioned off during and after the meal. Traditionally, the desserts fetch high prices and this year was no different. Thanks to the generosity of the church family, many of the TBC youth group are one step closer to being able to attend summer camp.

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