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Awana Grand Prix - March 27, 2011

Awana clubbers and parents gathered in the gym on Sunday, March 27, for the Awana Grand Prix. An event that comes only once every other year, the Grand Prix gives the clubbers--and sometimes parents--a chance to show their creativity. Each participant can purchase a kit containing a block of pine wood and use that wood to make a car. There are certain height and weight restrictions, but creativity is encouraged.

The cars judged on design at the Grand Prix this year were some very creative vehicles including an iPad, a bottle of nail polish, and a wedge of cheese. Cars were also judged on speed. Each car raced down the aluminum track four times, once in each lane to ensure fairness for all.

The Grand Prix gives clubbers a chance for some friendly competition and a change from the routine. It also helps clubbers and parents to spend time together making the car.

One of the best results this year was seeing visitors come to church who wouldn't have come otherwise. As part of the overall program, Mr. Nathan Mestler gave a gospel presentation before the racing competition, and two people indicated their decision to receive Christ into their hearts.

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