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Why Thanksgiving? Service - November 21, 2010

The sanctuary was packed for Tri-City Baptist Church's special Why Thanksgiving? service. Almost 750 were in attendance, including many guests--some had been invited through the church's The Phone's For You program; others were friends and neighbors of church members. In this time of economic insecurity and global unrest, Pastor Mike Sproul reminded everyone why we should be thankful, and what we have to be thankful for—most importantly, God's plan of salvation that allows us to be reunited in a personal relationship with Him. It was also Tri-City's annual Double Tithe Sunday, and the special offering was well beyond the goal. After the service, which was packed with special musical performances by the choir, orchestra, and brass ensemble, everyone enjoyed lunch in the gym, whose cement walls rang with conversation and laughter. The day was the perfect prelude to Thanksgiving and the 2010 holiday season.

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