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CFA Quintet Interviewed for Chandler TV Show
October 20, 2010

The high school boy's string quintet of The Chandler School of Fine Arts was interviewed this week by Julie Carpenter from the Chandler Channel 11 TV show, "Come Out and Play!"

Each year city officials determine the top 10 groups they want to highlight and honor for serving Chandler and helping put our city on the map. They interview these 10 groups and create a 22 minute TV show from the interviews. Then they play it on a loop that runs several times each day during November and December as a kind of grand finale recap on what makes the City of Chandler distinctive.

The quintet members, Kristian Charboneau, Triston Hudson, Christopher Jones, James Osborn, and Jeremy Tetreau, come from different schools but meet weekly with CFA strings instructor Eunice Elie for practice. Last winter they performed in the City of Chandler and won an award. The City posted the performance video on the internet and received much positive feedback from people in many other cities and states. Among the responders were 72 year old American composer legend Elliot Del Borgo and his wife in New York who wrote (in separate communications) great words of encouragement and training ideas for future performances. According to Julie, the City of Chandler believes these boys have brought honor and recognition to the city. Therefore, they have been chosen for inclusion in this special episode of "Come Out and Play!"

Mrs. Elie constantly kept Proverbs 22:29 before her students at their lessons and rehearsals: "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before obscure men." They were very diligent in their practice, even to the tiniest details, and were excited to be awarded a trophy for their efforts, but none of them anticipated that last year's diligence would continue to reward them in so many exciting ways!

The episode will air on Chandler Channel 11 in November.