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Seven Teens Saved at Camp - June 28-July 3, 2010

Last week 37 of Tri-City's teens traveled to Circle K Ranch in Colorado for Teen Camp. The emphasis of the week's chapel sessions, taught by Tri-City youth leaders Tom Beck, Jim Smith, Jeff Maxwell and Pastor Mark Maxwell, was on developing Christ-likeness. Some chapel sessions were split for guys and ladies; the ladies' sessions were led by Ali Maxwell and Paula Beck. Individual and group devotions focused on Psalm 37 and developed the theme of sowing and reaping. Leaders and teens took turns leading the group devotions, giving the teens opportunities to grow and serve others.

Many important decisions were made. Seven teens turned to Christ for salvation, and five received assurance of their salvation. One boy was so excited about getting saved that he wanted to be baptized where he'd gotten saved. Jeff Maxwell, an International Baptist College student working with the youth group this summer, performed the baptism in a creek at the camp.

According to teens who have been attending Tri-City's Teen Camp for several years, this was the best camp they'd ever attended. The difference, says youth pastor Mark Maxwell, is that "It wasn't 'about me' for the kids. It wasn't about whether they were getting anything out of camp. They were praying for their friends. We had the best campfire I've ever seen anywhere--two and a half hours of testimonies from kids who were excited about what God was doing in their lives and in their friends. There was no fluff, no filler."

Along with typical camp activities, the teens enjoyed a visit to nearby Telluride, white water rafting, horseback riding, a boat-building team exercise, and a rodeo at the end of the week. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful Colorado weather--a welcome relief from the Arizona heat.

"A life once spent is irrevocable. It will remain to be contemplated through eternity...The same may be said of each day. When it is once past, it is gone forever. All the marks which we put upon it, it will exhibit forever...Each day will not only be a witness of our conduct, but will affect our everlasting destiny...How shall we then wish to see each day marked with usefulness...! It is too late to mend the days that are past. The future is in our power. Let us, then, each morning, resolve to send the day into eternity in such a garb as we shall wish it to wear forever. And at night let us reflect that one more day is irrevocably gone, indelibly marked." -Adoniram Judson (as quoted by Pastor Maxwell at Teen Camp)

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