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Awana Awards - May 16, 2010

On Sunday nights, Tri-City Baptist Church holds Awana clubs for kids from 3 years old up to eighth grade. The goal of the Awana clubs is Bible memory and evangelism. Kids are encouraged to come and participate through rewards given for finishing a section, attending faithfully, or bringing visitors.

TBC's Awana clubs break for the summer, so Awana Awards Night is held at the end of every academic year to reward clubbers for finishing books. This night is important for the clubbers. These are the future leaders of our church and nation and they should be honored for learning to follow God. On May 16, 2010 a total of 61 awards were given to clubbers from Cubbies (3 and 4 year olds) to Varsity (9th through 12th grades).

In addition to the awards for completing a book, each club gave an honor trophy to a clubber that had chosen to do his or her best consistently all year. This year's honor clubbers were Jeffrey Caupp (Cubbies), Dakotah Barchus (Sparks), Emily Miller (T&T Girls), Justin Fausto (T&T Boys), and Colin Paine (Trek).

The worker of the year award was given to Awana commander Paula Mostrom who has served in TBC's Awana clubs for 30 years.

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