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Awana Olympics - March 28, 2010

On Sunday nights, Tri-City Baptist Church holds Awana clubs for kids from 3 years old up to eighth grade. The goal of the Awana clubs is Bible memory and evangelism. Kids are encouraged to come and participate through rewards given for finishing a section, attending faithfully, or bringing visitors. It isnít all memory work though; there is also game time. Every other year, the Tri-City Baptist Church Awana clubs compete in the intramural Awana Olympics. For months they practiced many of the traditional Awana games, and on Sunday, March 28, 2010 parents were invited to watch their children participate in the Awana Olympics.

Before the games, dinner was provided for the parents and clubbers. Then clubbers met in the gym on the Awana circle for group pictures while parents found seats in the bleachers. Pastor Miller opened the games in prayer, and Nathan Mestler gave a short message with a gospel presentation.

The clubbers were divided into four teams and each team had clubbers from all the different age groups. This gave the older kids a chance to help their younger teammates. The games often had multiples heats split by gender or age. There was a wide variety of games; some of them were just silly, some of them were fun, and some were very competitive. The goal of the games was not winning; it was learning to cooperate with teammates and serve others.

This yearís Olympics were a great success. The competition was fun and many parents visited for the first time. The Awana program is a good way to reach kids and by reaching kids, there is a greater chance to reach families.

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