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Community Appreciation Day - March 21, 2010

Beginning in January, members of Tri-City Baptist Church spent hours calling people who live nearby, offering to send information about the church and inviting people to visit on March 21. Altogether, 20,000 phone calls were made and 1,400 people expressed interest in receiving information. Several visited in the weeks before Community Appreciation Day, and one man has joined Doorway Fellowship, Pastor Mike’s class for those interested in joining the church. It is exciting to see how God is already working through the hours of labors invested by His people!

After months of preparation, Community Appreciation Day finally arrived. The auditorium was packed with over 800 people, including approximately 50 visiting families. Pastor Mike gave a clear gospel presentation and four people raised their hands for salvation. After the service, a delicious lunch was provided, giving church members more opportunities to reach out to visitors. Guests received gift bags containing, among other things, a coupon booklet with hundreds of dollars of savings on the services Tri-City provides for the community.

Community Appreciation Day gave Tri-City Baptist Church an opportunity to reach out to the community and introduce our ministries. It was a success, both from a human perspective, due to the number of visitors, and from a spiritual perspective due to the salvation decisions that were made. We look forward to seeing the fruit that God will bring from this event.

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