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Junior and Teen Camp - July 6-11, 2009

Tri-City Baptist Churchís juniors and teens had a great week at Camp Ironwood in California July 6-11, 2009. Juniors, junior high students, and high school students each attended a camp specifically designed to address their unique needs. High school camp speaker Rob Watkins is also a ventriloquist, but his messages went beyond entertainment. Many campers made decisions including getting assurance of salvation, saying yes to God, and committing to doing devotions. One teen who hadnít been involved in church at all decided that he wants to come back to Camp Ironwood to serve next year. A few kids who are new to Tri-City made the trip to camp this year, where they made new friends and really began to be "part of the group." Youth Pastor Mark Maxwell said "We accomplish more with our new kids in one week of camp than in an entire year of Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights."

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