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Youth Sunday - April 5, 2009

Youth Sunday is an annual Tri-City Baptist Church event that allows the youth group to minister in the morning service and show the rest of the church what God is doing in their lives. This year Youth Sunday was April 5, 2009, and the youth presented several musical selections during the service. After the service the youth served an Italian meal to raise money for camp. The dessert auction held during the dinner raised more than twice the amount that previous auctions have raised--almost $1000! The most expensive pie went for $150, but the most memorable moment came when Jim Smith got a pie in the face for $120. Overall the youth raised $1600 from the dinner; the best total ever. The money will go towards transportation costs for the summer youth camp which will reduce the cost of camp for the junior high and high school students that plan to attend summer camp.

Click here to view photos from Youth Sunday.