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The following resources can be purchased in our bookstore:

God's Word Preserved: A Defense of Historic Separatist Definitions and Beliefs - Pastor Mike Sproul

In this book Dr. Sproul restates the historical Separatist beliefs concerning God's communication of His Word to man. How have the "Separatist Fathers" understood this communication to His creatures? Read more...

Calvary Road - Roy Hession

Every believer needs to consider Hession's insights into the human soul. A great companion to "My Utmost for His Highest" in which Hession explores the need in every believer's life for true brokenness as the pathway to Christlikness.

War of Words - Paul David Tripp

This is an excellent book that explains and answers the questions surrounding our problems with communication. Why do we struggle to be understood? Why do we say things that cause problems? Tripp does a great job in explaining the roots of our problems with communication and does not just spend many hours describing the fruit of problems in communication.

Peacemaker - Ken Sande

Every church member should read this book. It details the practical ways one can fulfill the commands of being a Peacemaker in the home, at work, or in the church. Sande deals with the dangers of bitterness and anger and reveals the Bible ordained methods of resolving conflict in the "spirit of meekness."

101 Hymn Stories - Kenneth Osbeck

The inspiring true stories behind 101 favorite hymns - great for devotional reading.

Measuring the Music - John Makujina

A very thorough and helpful evaluation of the mainstream Christian music movement, specifically Christian rock. Chapter titles include Worldliness According to the New Testament, Aesthetics, Music, and Morality, and On the History of Ecclesiastical Music and CCM.

Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement - Dan Lucarini

Thought-provoking testimony of a former CCM worship leader. Chapter titles include Isn't this just a matter of personal preference and taste?, Show me where the Bible says that rock music is evil, and Should praise music be treated differently?