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God's Word Preserved: A Defense of Historic Separatist Definitions and Beliefs

In God's Word Preserved Dr. Michael Sproul challenges us to analyze carefully the debate over versions and texts. I'm thankful for his thoughtful insights. Having served on the mission field for over a decade I realize that the current debate is not just an American phenomena; it affects our ministries overseas. I would like to thank Dr. Sproul for his years of study and work to prepare this material. His pastoral heart beats loud and clear as he defends the historic Fundamental and Baptist belief on the subject. May the Lord use this book to challenge all of us to examine carefully how He has preserved His Word throughout the ages and may we, His servants, preach His inspired and preserved Word with love and conviction! I highly recommend this work to all who desire to better understand God's priceless Word!

Missionary Larry R. Carlisle
Rota, Spain

Dr. Sproul has a refreshing approach to a subject that has known vast theological, academic, and practical abuse. This material is a welcome addition to the task of appreciating the historicity and preservation of the Scriptures with which we have been entrusted. The balance, passion, and thoroughness of the work is enjoyable.

Pastor Rick Cross
Faith Baptist Church, Longmont, Colorado

Thank you so much for sending us your book, God's Word Preserved. And thank you for writing it and for the rock-solid research it contains on this so unnecessary debate. I have read it from cover to cover, footnotes and all, with great blessing and profit. Thank you too for your kind and gracious spirit that is clearly evident when you present the truth about what is being said by those in the KJV movement.

Missionary Dennis Flower
Elche, Spain

God's Word Preserved suitably merges historical and theological details with practical wisdom and application. Mike's depth of study, passion for truth, and passion for informed separation have forged a book that not only enlightens but also challenges and inspires. I have read several volumes from the KJV-only camp and never read the information included in chapter five concerning an "unclean thing". Thanks to this book, I am better equipped to understand and communicate truth on this subject. It is such a welcome addition to my study library that I have purchased books for more than a dozen pastor friends.

Pastor Terry Green
Victory Baptist Church of Casa Grande, AZ

Thanks for the copy of your book. Wow--obvious passion, concern, and hard work. Your pastoral heart is evident which adds greatly to its value as an academic tome.

I'll have to read it more in depth...but I think your research, presentation and extensive citations are indicative of a quality manuscript.

Pastor Kelvin Ironside
Community Baptist Church, Queen Creek, AZ

A timely and compelling look at the miraculous preservation of Godís Word against the backdrop of exposing the errors of a radical group that has derailed itself from historic Fundamentalism. By researching and tabulating the information so thoroughly, Dr. Sproul allows the facts to speak for themselves.

Glenn J. Kerr
Chief Translation Consultant
Bibles International

What a tremendous volume you were enabled to produce as the author of a much needed and very discerning dissertation on the so-divisive KJV controversy. May the Lord give your book a very wide distribution, and may the study of your chapters bring much light where, for the most part, the issue has engendered heat rather than light.

Dr. Dick Mercado Sr.
President, Mexican Gospel Mission International

I have finished reading the book, God's Word Preserved. I appreciate all the work in preparing this manuscript. It is an outstanding work. I trust it will have wide distribution. Ever chapter was excellent. And I do appreciate Chapter 8--addressing the absolutely great need in all our churches. More and more I am realizing first hand the danger of the carnality that goes along with the pride that, because one knows something about the textual issue, makes an individual to be above others who have not reached his zenith of spirituality.

Dr. Ed Nelson
Bethel Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona

I have been greatly impressed and instructed by your research and by the spirit in which you handle what is often a divisive teaching. Thanks for providing the book; it has been a blessing.

Pastor Tom Petro
Open Door Baptist Church, Prescott Valley, Arizona

This book is a historical and biblical treatment of the doctrine of preservation that is long overdue. The division and misinformation over this important biblical doctrine demands that we examine it carefully. Mike's perspective is fresh, full of documentation, thoroughly biblical, and practically helpful. It is an excellent contribution to the subject and should help those who are truly seeking the truth. Mike, thank you so much for the years of hard work you have invested to produce it.

Dr. Kevin Schaal
North West Valley Baptist Church, Glendale, Arizona

I wanted to thank Dr. Sproul for God's Word Preserved. I read it--every word, footnotes and all! It is an outstanding work and squarely addresses the issues in a non-emotional manner. Due to the comprehensive nature of the book and the careful way he handles the material, I believe that for the person who wants answers on the subject, this book delivers the goods.

Dr. Will Senn
Tri-City Baptist Church, Westminster, Colorado

Thanks Pastor Sproul for the great read. I purchased your last book. I sat down and read it from cover to cover (including each footnote). I thank God for the information that you gave in the book. God used it in my life and I trust that He will use it in a mighty way. My God grant to us a filling of the Holy Spirit as we serve Him.

Jim Welch
Victory Baptist Church, Montrose, CO