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God's Word Preserved: A Defense of Historic Separatist Definitions and Beliefs

Definitions are important in any discussion. Dr. Sproul wishes to restate the historical Separatist beliefs concerning God's communication of His Word to man. How have the "Separatist Fathers" understood this communication to His creatures? Are we removing their "ancient landmarks" concerning inspiration and preservation and replacing them with a man-made system of logic?

In this book Dr. Sproul expresses the historic Baptist and Fundamentalist definitions of key theological terms based on the long-held interpretations of key verses regarding "inspiration," "inerrancy," "infallibility," "preservation," "interpretation," and "application," etc. This work is much like an ancient apologetic. Dr. Sproul re-acquaints Separatists with their heritage regarding a fundamental of the faith, "inerrancy of the autograph."

420 pages. Includes 13 photographs of ancient Bibles.

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