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Reveille Week - August 29-September 2, 2011

At the start of each school year, Tri-City Christian Academy has a spiritual emphasis week. During "Reveille Week," students play games, attend special chapel meetings, and enjoy special activities.

The theme this year was "Reality Reveille." Students are traditionally divided into two teams—green and gold. Normally there is a mix of boys and girls on each team, but this year students were divided by gender. Every day, students competed to win the "Twig" In games that were takeoffs of popular reality TV games. The highlights of the week were "Wipeout," played out on the soccer field, and a day-long variety show called "TCA's Got Talent."

In addition to fun, Reveille Week also has a serious side. This year's speaker was Dr. David Jaspers. Dr. Jaspers has served as a pastor, evangelist, summer camp director, and the president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College. He was able to connect with the students and present God's Word clearly and powerfully, resulting in many decisions made by the student body.

Reveille Week is a tradition at TCA. It's important that students have time to get to know each other and bond, and that happens easily in the middle of competition. TCA also places importance on spiritual matters. If the student body carries through on those decisions, this will be a very good year at TCA.

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