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Tri-City Christian Academy Receives International School Accreditation

The ACSI regional accreditation commission grants Tri-City Christian Academy full accredited status

June 13, 2011--The Association of Christian Schools International regional accrediting commission for the Rocky Mountain states has granted a full term of accreditation to Tri-City Christian Academy. The regional commission oversees accredited Christian schools in the seven state region of the Rocky Mountain west and interfaces with other regional accrediting agencies on the behalf of accredited K-12 schools. The commission functions under the ACSI international accreditation commission which oversees those schools nationally and internationally seeking accreditation through this Christian school association, the largest protestant school association in the world. Accreditation with ACSI is an internationally recognized status that ensures the highest standards in the school instructional programs, overall commitment by the program and administration to on-going organizational improvement, and provides a context of accountability for the organization's operations based upon biblically founded principles of excellence, integrity, and openness. Engaging in the school improvement and accreditation process is a sign of commitment on the part of all the school's stakeholders to making the organization one recognized as a school of excellence, true to their stated mission, and committed to the Christian education of their students while contributing to the good of the surrounding community.