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Science Camp - April 12-16, 2010

Science is an important part of Christian education. At Tri-City Christian Academy, students are blessed with good science teachers, a biblical perspective, and opportunities to see how science works.

On April 12—16, 2010 the fifth and sixth grade classes went to science camp in the mountains at Prescott, Arizona where students observed God's creation up close. Mr. Daryl Degraw, TCA's science teacher, gave lessons on Arizona wildlife and led fun scientific experiments such as making potato guns and the famous Mentos and Diet Coke explosion. The students also watched science videos to emphasize what they had learned. In the evenings the students played games like capture the flag, and one night they enjoyed a memorable hike.

The students also learned spiritual lessons at science camp. Pastor Todd Tjepkema, the Executive Assistant Pastor at Tri-City Baptist Church, led two chapel sessions each day with one in the morning that was more of a devotional presentation and one in the evening. He talked about viewing the Bible as a biography of God rather than a rulebook. This concept really stood out to the students.

Science camp gave the fifth and sixth graders the opportunity to observe God's creation and have fun at the same time. In all the science lessons, the focus was always brought back to God and Hhis greatness. The week will be a lasting memory the students have of God's amazing creation.

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