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TCA Announces New Principal - July 13, 2009

Thad Todd, New Principal

Tri-City Christian Academy's principal, Dan Bewley, is leaving our school after ten wonderful years because of the Lord's moving in his life to enter the pastorate. Pastor Torrey Jaspers, who had done a wonderful job in the administration of International Baptist College, agreed to become our principal. He has had offers to pastor other churches during the last two years and has turned them down because he loves the ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church (TBC). Three weeks ago, he received a call from Ironwood Christian Camp, a ministry that has a special place in his heart. After some long discussions and prayer, the Jaspers have decided to take the position at Ironwood and will be leaving our ministry in the next few weeks. Both of these families are dear friends, and it is with great sadness on both sides that they are leaving. But in both cases we praise the Lord for His leading to the ministries He has for them.

Needless to say, this left TCA in a quandary. But God never leads without supplying. Several years ago in my role as a chaplain with the Air Guard, I met a man who has an undergraduate degree in Business Education and has a combined ten years experience teaching in the classroom and being a principal in Christian education. He also has several years experience in the business world with financial planning and office managing. As a part-time job in the Air Guard, he has risen to the rank of captain. He has been enlisted and when I met him he was an officer and had been serving his country for seventeen years. His field was supply; in other words, he made sure the people got what they needed when they needed it.

When I met him, he believed God wanted him to study in seminary so that he could become a chaplain in the Guard. Over the last three years, I have interacted with Thad and Angela Todd at chaplain conferences and have always been very impressed. In December Thad finished his 72-hour Master's degree with an emphasis in counseling. Thad also has on his resume a 13-week class at the Air Force school house focused on administration and organization. The classroom hours for this program of study in the Air Force greatly exceed the classroom hours for a Master's degree in administration. He has the equivalent classroom hours of three Master's degrees. He began serving in my Air Guard unit (one weekend per month) at Sky Harbor in January and commuted back and forth to Wisconsin where his family was still living. The Todds moved to the Valley just a few weeks ago in preparation for Angela and the girls to start school.

This past spring TCA hired Angela to teach our upper level English classes beginning in the fall. She has taught for twenty years and is a perfect fit. Thad came out to work part-time with me in the Guard but did not yet have a full-time civilian job. Both Angela and Thad knew in their spirits back in January that God was directing them to come into our ministry even though Thad did not have a job lined up. In all of Pastor Thad's varied experiences, his favorite job is being a principal of a Christian school. He had been a principal previously for six years and just loved it. He loves young people and has two daughters of his own in 10th and 6th grades. Most important is that he wants to be where the Lord wants him.

Pastor Thad and Angela have interviewed with the school board as well as spending two days with Mr. Bewley talking about our academy. Everyone involved in this interview process has been extremely impressed. Last week, the board voted unanimously to recommend that I extend an invitation to Pastor Thad to be our new principal. I did just as they recommended and with great enthusiasm Pastor Thad accepted. His first day as principal will be July 20th. We will be having our annual orientation/open house on Friday, August 21st from 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. This would be a great opportunity for parents to get a chance to meet Thad and Angela. Our whole team is very excited to have the Todd family with us. I can't believe how God has arranged all these lives and circumstances to bring us such a well-qualified principal for our academy as well as to lead both Mr. Bewley and Pastor Torrey into the ministries He has for them.

Michael D. Sproul, D. Min.
Board Chairman
Tri-City Christian Academy