Have You Heard? Outreach - April 5-7, 2011

Tri-City is uniquely situated close to several secular colleges, allowing good outreach opportunities for Re:vive. Each year, Re:vive holds Have You Heard? (HUH?), outdoor evangelistic meetings, on the campus of Arizona State University.

Re:vive members went out on Sunday, April 3, to set up posters at ASU advertising HUH?. Before HUH? started each evening, a group of Re:vive members spent time handing out fliers inviting passersby to the meeting.

The services started at 7:00 p.m. with music led by Josh de la Rosa and Karissa Rogers. Pastor Mark Maxwell brought the challenge on Tuesday, reminding the listeners of the brevity of life. On Wednesday, Pastor David Brock spoke on choices, emphasizing the need to choose God. Mr. Chris Ball spoke on Thursday about life's greatest question. In addition to these speakers, on Wednesday one of the Re:vive members gave her testimony.

Thursday was the start of College Days at International Baptist College and the visiting high school students attended HUH? The addition of the high schoolers doubled the group and allowed more people to be reached. This was the final service with approximately ten visitors attending. Most of them stayed through the service and enjoyed pizza with the group afterwards. One of the visitors, a classmate of two Re:vive members, had attended Wednesday night as well.

This event provides the IBC students a setting to reach outside their bubble of Christian life and experience firsthand what it's like to be out in the world of secular thinking and life. God used this time to plant seeds of His Word on a campus that needs it and perhaps, in the future, fruit from this event will be seen.

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